Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is a highly researched broad spectrum, non-invasive therapeutic for nearly everything in your health routine and it is a great recovery tool that works in unique ways supplements or other therapies don't.

It consists of using specific wavelengths of red and near-infrared light to heal your body. There have been many clinical studies proving its effectiveness at healing and strengthening the body at a cellular level.

We are proud to offer a new, state-of-the-art therapy to all of our patients at Lansdale Plastic Surgery. Biomax LED Therapy Lights offer many benefits such as improving skin quality, improving circulation, and promoting cellular growth. 10-20 minute therapy sessions starting at $25.


Clinical studies are now establishing how different wavelengths of light affect the body at a cellular level, the conditions that can be successfully treated using light therapy, and the optimal conditions needed to absorb the benefits of light-based treatments. All light falls along a spectrum of wavelengths. Red and infrared light that falls within the wavelength range of 650-850 nanometers (nm) is extremely beneficial, and often referred to as the “therapeutic window”.

These wavelengths of light are bioactive in humans, which mean they have a biological effect on the body like antibiotics or vitamins and affect the function of our cells. Red light emits wavelengths between 620-700 nanometers (nm). All red light wavelengths are effective and offer health benefits, although certain wavelengths are more powerful than others–particularly those that fall between 630-680 nanometers (nm). Visible red light within this range can penetrate deep into the skin, offering rejuvenating and balancing outcomes for a range of health conditions.

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